Workshop on Best Practices in ETD Lifecycle Management

Title: Best Practices in ETD Lifecycle Management

Course Description:
Module 1: ETD Lifecycle Management – Interactive Overview
This module provides an overview of lifecycle management as it applies to ETD program planning & implementation. As ETD program stakeholders, attendees will provide questions and comments from their experience working with ETDs and ETD programs. These questions and comments will be identified on a lifecycle curation model in order to better understand where their specific ETD curation activities are making an impact and how they relate to other curation activities and ETD program stakeholders.

Module 2: ETD Guidance Documents – Overview & Usage
This module provides an overview of the Guidance Documents for ETD Lifecycle Management and discusses how ETD stakeholders can use them in their ETD programs. The documents will be identified on the ETD lifecycle model in order to make connections between the documents and various ETD program stakeholders in the context of specific curation activities. For each document, attendees will be provided a series of questions that can help them engage with the documents and facilitate their application within their specific ETD program.

Module 3: ETD Lifecycle Management Tools – Overview & Demo
This module provides an overview and demonstration of various modular curation tools and their corresponding documentation. These modular curation tools are geared toward enhancing ETD management across the lifecycle. Attendees will be provided with background and overview on the tools and advice to assist with their implementation at key phases in the lifecycle. A brief on-site demonstration of one or more modular curation tools will be provided in the context of a use case for ETDs.

Skill Level: Entry

Resource Person:

Dr. Martin Halbert , Ph.D., MLIS
Dean of Libraries and Associate Professor
University of North Texas

Dr. Martin Halbert is Dean of Libraries and Associate Professor at the University of North Texas. He assumed this position in October 2009. He also currently serves as President of the Educopia Institute, a growing international alliance of cultural memory organizations that was one of the founding partners of the US National Digital Preservation Program. He has served as principal investigator for grants and contracts totaling more than $6 M during the past six years, funding more than a dozen large scale collaborative projects among many educational institutions. His doctoral research and subsequent projects have focused on exploring the future of research library services. He has previously worked for Emory University, Rice University, UT Austin, and the IBM Corporation.